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In your establishment, after an extraordinary meal, why should the customer’s final experience be one that ends in a mediocre and barely drinkable coffee, latte, or espresso?  Our restaurant service program ensures your coffee is at the same level as this city’s top espresso bars and cafes.  We achieve this by providing the finest locally roasted coffee, up-to-date training techniques, and serviced equipment.

  • Coffee Sommelier program - match coffees to your food and dessert menus
  • Quick Consult ($195.00) on-site espresso, latte art, machine training
  • Fresh, locally roasted, coffee program
  • On site Chef/Manager/Owner training
  • Purchase consultation (to avoid unnecessary equipment costs)
  • Menu and cost/profit/wastage assessment

In fact, most cafes and restaurants have decent coffee; however the coffee is usually made by staff who, with a few little tips and techniques, could be taking the cup from average to extraordinary.  A couple of lessons in proper preparation will result in less waste and money saved on machine maintenance and repair, as well as expertise in creating the perfect cup of coffee.

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