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Ezra Braves, President, was first enamored with coffee at three years old – an automatic (old school) coffee vending machine.  His fascination and curiosity never diminished.  Ezra is also the owner and innovator of one of Toronto’s most successful and critically acclaimed cafés, Ezra’s Pound.  Ezra started working in restaurants in the late 80’s and has roasted coffee since the mid 90’s.  He regularly consults in café/restaurant design and product.

Ezra continues to source the highest quality and environmentally forward coffees on the planet.  Many of his hours are spent in professional development: researching the latest trends in espresso making, blending coffees, and obsessing over the perfect grind.  Countless Baristi have trained with him and new café owners have opened under his advice, consultation, and leadership.

He created the Espresso Institute in 2010 to provide services for those opening and managing cafes, restaurants, and training to be Baristi.  Every trainer and consultant affiliated with the Institute exceeds Ezra’s exacting standards and are the highest skilled in the industry.

238 Dupont St.
Toronto, ON
M5R 1V7